Dr. Philip Foster

Best selling author, with over three decades of business experience. Dr, Foster is the founder of Maximum Change Coaching & Consulting with expertise in entrepreneurship, startups, and business strategy.

His first business, Natures Soap Dish (NSD) was launched in January 2000 as a leading manufacturer/retailer of high-quality pure Earth-conscious cruelty-free personal care products. NSD was featured in Redbook magazine, Vegetarian Times, & the "Be Your Own Boss" edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. After selling NSD, he directed his attention toward earning a Masters in Organizational Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring, and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in Strategic Foresight.

Since 2005, Dr. Foster has empowered individuals around the world to successfully build and scale their organizations. His client experience includes Tier 1 Consulting, Government, Not-for-Profit, Technology and Software, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Public Relations, Higher Educations, Film, Video, Live Television, Radio, Print, Health Care, Legal Professionals and Service Professionals, Celebrities, Politicians, Professional Athletes, High Profile Individuals and more…

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