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Each one-on-one private coaching session is personally delivered by Dr. Foster and is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for change and expansion. Dr. Foster will help you create an action plan to harness those areas for business growth. By using Dr. Foster's unique approach to business, leadership, strategies, tools, and tactics you will be able to streamline, innovate, and maximize your business to its full potential. This is for you if you want support, structure and strategy as you build a business that lights you up from the inside out.



Insightful truth about who you are and what you must change to reach new levels. Mindset support to develop laser focus and reprogram your brain to push you to stay the course and achieve success.


Spot areas of development and create initiatives to quickly realize outcomes. Tactical tools to help you optimally run your business. Business training and university-level training without the hassel of going back to school.


Establish a powerful vision of success that will give you the momentum, peace of mind, and tactical advantage your company needs. Focus on the actions needed to create big results.



Entrepreneurs who are engaged in coaching report a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to their business. Coaching provides an average ROI of 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost.

Other Benefits Include:
  • productivity improvements (reported by 53% of executives)

  • organizational strength improvements (48%)
  • quality improvements (48%)

  • customer service improvements (39%)

  • improvement of team relationships (greater than 70%)

  • improved teamwork (67%)

  • greater job satisfaction (52%)

Coaching Services

3 Key Superpowers To Help You Scale Your Business


 Leadership is about influencing others to a common goal. But it is also so much more. Leaders must continually build better teams; find new skills and mindsets; deal with imposter syndrome; develop life balance and self-care. Leaders most often need support, accountability, motivation and a reliable, unbiased sounding board. Whether you need clarity, focus, or confidence, I am here to help.  


Develop the strategies you need to anticipate challenges, tackle major issues, and unleash your full potential to accomplish business goals and secure a competitive position in the market through a custom action plan tactical tools and a strategic sounding board to ensure decisions are well made to give you the momentum, peace of mind, and the tactical advantage your company needs. 


Starting and scaling a business has its challenges and most business owners don't have all the skills and systems necessary to quickly grow a successful business. As your coach, I can serve as a source of information you need to build the business you want. I will help you refine your talents, hone your goals, and guide your decisions as you build a successful enterprise.

With over 25 years of business experience,  Dr. Foster has built and run multi-million dollar companies and has successfully helped individuals around the world to do the same.

Experience Working With:

Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, C-Suite, Tech Start-ups, Energy Companies, Manufacturers, Retailers, Public Relations, Media [Film, Video, Live Television, Radio, and Print], Health Care, Legal and Service Professionals, Celebrities, Politicians, Professional Athletes, and High Profile Individuals.

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My private one-on-one coaching is exclusively for those who know what they want to achieve, are willing to work extremely hard and are committed to moving forward in their business. This process will require a 100% commitment from the client. Private sessions are very unique and specific per individual and/or company needs.  Private Coaching is by application only and includes:

  • One-on-one Confidential Coaching Sessions

  • Private Access to Dr. Foster

  • Access to the Inner Circle Mastermind and Private Facebook Page

  • Access to Resource and Video Archive

  • and much more...

One-on-one coaching services are an exclusive, invitation-only program for individuals who are ready for the next level in business and life. Like, hundreds of sales spilling past the edge of 6 figures — maybe even multiple 6-figures. We don’t take just anybody. If you are accepted, you will be among an elite group of entrepreneurs who are literally disrupting entire industries and setting the standards that everyone else will try their hardest to rise to.

Change is an incremental process that requires an earnest investment of time and focus. This is why my Private Coaching Process requires a 6 to 12-month commitment starting at $3,000/month. With many successful clients choosing to continue on beyond 12 months as they develop new goals and aspirations for success.


We carefully screen all inquiries as there are a limited number of Private Coaching slots available.

I'm Not Ready For This Level of Commitment

You are applying for a monthly membership to our Private Coaching program. The content inside this program, like all my programs (and most coaching programs available online, frankly), is non-refundable.  By evidence of your application, you agree to our Terms, Privacy Policy and Earnings Disclaimer