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Deciding to Succeed

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Once you make up your mind about something - you become unstoppable. You will do whatever it takes. This requires that you make up your mind with absolute certainty and conviction to do whatever it takes to bring to life your vision, goal or dream. When you do this - you cannot be stopped.

As a coach I have had many people contact me over the years asking for my help. Some of them decided not to work with me for various reason. What I have learned from those that chose not to work with me is this, not one of them had advanced forward in their goals, dreams and hopes. I asked myself why? The answer is simplistically complicated... they had not decided with certainty about their goals.

The truth is that unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation; while successful people make decisions based on where they want to be. Those that chose not to work with me had made decisions based on their current situation. They didn’t have the money; they didn’t have the time; they didn’t have the absolute desire to do the hard work that was required. This is not to say that your current situation should not or cannot be the inspiration of your success. But that without a clear destination in mind – you will go no where.

The type of decision I am talking about here are firm and resolute decisions, instead of the ones that are formed and forgotten about in an instant. People who keep forming and changing their decisions are barely ever able to achieve what they desire. You need to believe strongly in your decisions to the extent that once you have taken a decision, it becomes concrete and must be followed through.

If you want to be unstoppable. If you want to reach your goals more quickly. Stop making excuses and start making decisions. If you were hungry and had no money - you would do whatever it took to feed yourself and your family... right? Or would you play the victim card? You can either be a victim or a victor... you get to decide.

The bottom line is this... If you are not creating the life you want, then you need to contact me. Those clients who didn’t enroll with me... not only are they missing out on a better life... but all the people counting on them are missing out as well. The people that have stepped up and worked with me; they are making things happen. I don’t want to let you off the hook. You were designed for greatness. You were designed for success. It’s up to you to decide... look around you... are you living the life you always wanted? If not; then you need to contact me immediately...

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