Start and Grow the Business of Your Dreams Using my three decades of business experience, building dozens of multi-million dollar companies.

In 2000, I set out to start my first business. Despite having a business degree and 10 years of business experience at the time, I didn't know where to start! I joined a mastermind and began to build a very successful business in three short years. It was this experience as an entrepreneur that inspired me to launched Maximum Change Coaching and Consulting in 2005. 

Would you agree that starting and growing a business can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start? That's why you are here right?


Well, building a profitable business online doesn't have to be a mystery to you anymore. Our services are designed to provide you with everything you need to start and build a successful business. We provide an environment, help you with the mindset and give you tools to help you create a profitable business so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of. It's time to level up because the best business is a profitable, sustainable business that can run with or without you.

Learn the Secrets to Developing an Evergreen Online Business

Learn how to build an online business: Webinars, Coaching, Consulting, Tutoring, Technology, Nutrition, Fitness, Health, E-commerce, and much more! NOW is the absolute best time to start an online business.

It's time for you to get serious about your future and adapt. I want to help you with insights and strategies from my 30 years as an entrepreneur and online business owner. 

Do you already own a business? No problem! Let me help you level-up your business to something that is not only profitable but sustainable and crisis-proof. Whether you're new to business or already own one, our services are designed for you! We offer you the highest level of coaching, mentoring, and training available today.

Learn from a successful entrepreneur who doesn't just have book smarts but also actual hands-on experience starting and building online and traditional businesses for over 30 years.

You don't build a business in a vacuum. This is why we have developed our programs to include a community of entrepreneurs who are there for you to collaborate, encourage, help, and have fun with. You will join a powerful new tribe of success-minded individuals.

I don't provide you with expensive gimmicky certificates, degrees, credentials, badges, or awards. I DO provide you with real-time business training and results you want: customers, growth, profit, self-improvement, and success.

Remove the guesswork of starting and growing a business through practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work. 

While many programs are offered by inexperienced, so-called business gurus, who only teach you how to sell; You will receive real-world powerful coaching, mentoring, masterminds, and training on business topics such as:

  • The Fundamentals of Business

  • Leadership

  • Time Leverage Techniques

  • How to Start a Business with No Money

  • How to move from side hustle to full-time business owner

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Defining & Locating Your Niche & Target Audience

  • How to Build a Membership Program

  • Business Systems, Structures, & Strategies

  • Mindset and Motivation

  • Business Strategy

  • Management & Operations

  • Scaling and Automation

  • and more

Live Life on Your Terms
Build a business that will allow you to live life on your own terms!
More Freedom - More Money - More Impact

There Has Never Been A Better Time Than Right Now To Start An Online Business

Start A Business, Make Money, Help Others, Enjoy Life

Your Secret Weapon For Starting The Business Of your Dreams


Free Membership

You've been thinking about starting a business, but don't know where to start or a lot of money to get started. Access our free resources to help you jump-start your business.


Inner Circle

Perfect for indivuduas who want to start a business or business owners who are ready to uplevel. Includes group mastermind, digtial training platform, and more.


Private Coaching

Exclusive, powerful, and insightful one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Foster that are designed to push you and your company to new heights.

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