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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is business mentoring and how is it different from coaching?
    Coaching and mentoring are two distinct approaches to personal and professional development, although they share some similarities. Here's an overview of their differences: Coaching is primarily focused on skill development and performance improvement in a specific area and is future-oriented, aiming to enhance an individual's performance, achieve goals, and develop specific skills. Coaching is mostly focused on performance. This is where we get the idea of a coach in sports. Mentoring, on the other hand, focuses on long-term personal and professional growth. It involves a more holistic approach, providing guidance, support, and sharing experiences to help mentees develop their careers and overall life journey and celebrate overall competency. Mentoring is a softer and more relationship-focused form of guidance, as opposed to a structured training approach coaching often takes. Business Mentoring is a powerful tool used by businesses to get help from knowledgeable advisers who understand the needs of their businesses. Mentors provide a support system and a sounding board to help business owners minimize and avoid costly mistakes as they start and grow their businesses. Research shows that entrepreneurs with access to a mentor are five times more likely to start a business. Working with a mentor will greatly increase an entrepreneur's likelihood of business success. Mentoring helps individuals with similar personal development goals or who wish to learn specific new skills or knowledge. It can help participants with brainstorming, business education, and skill topics as well as personal issues entrepreneurs face in running a business.
  • What are some benefits of The Founders Circle?
    There is power in numbers. The Founders Circle is where mastermind meets group mentoring and training. Our program creates opportunities for networking and collaboration. A mentoring group helps to build connections and encourages collaboration among mentors and mentees. With the support of a mentor, mentees learn and grow together to achieve the goal of starting and growing a business. Group mentoring can help proactive entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses. You don’t have to go it alone trying to figure out how to start or grow your business.
  • Why is mentoring helpful?
    Working in a business mentoring group helps entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and setbacks while accelerating the likelihood of success. In fact, research shows that over 70% of businesses that use a mentor survive more than 5 years, and more than 68% of small businesses attain profitability in the very first year.
  • How does the Founders Circle differ from other programs?
    The Founders Circle combines the power of a mastermind group with mentoring and training. The Founders Circle is the premier online mastermind and community for entrepreneurs of all levels. My comprehensive mentoring and training program will help you launch your online membership business and support you as you grow! You'll get tailored guidance and tips, and access to my over 30 years of experience, an archive of training and tools you can put to use immediately. Plus, you'll be part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who have each other's backs.​ JOIN NOW and become part of a community of entrepreneurs who are transforming their ideas into successful online membership businesses.
  • Will this work for me?
    Starting and owning a business is hard work and comes with risk. This is the nature of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is appropriately defined as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. The entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking and is an essential part of a nation's ability to succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace. Success is therefore hard and everyone is different, therefore your outcome may vary based on your level of motivation and engagement in the process. Your success is up to you! The Founders Circle is designed for anyone who wants to start or grow an online business to the next level. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience in the business. This is not a get-rich-quick system. But... If you are willing to work for your dreams, can follow directions, and have the motivation, commitment, and engagement in the process, the Founders Circle is for you. If you’re truly serious about starting an online business or already have one and are ready to make more money doing what you love, create a life of freedom, and hang out with a new crowd who gets it; The Founders Circle will offer you the mentoring, training, accountability and structure you need to help build and grow your business. UNLOCK NOW
  • Do I need to already have a business or clients to join?
    The Founders Circle is designed for individuals who want to start an online membership business or already have one and want to take it to the next level. Our program is designed to provide you with knowledge, tools, and actionable steps that will help you start and grow your business.
  • What is the commitment level needed for success?
    Your success is directly proportionate to the time you invested in the process. New content is added weekly and the opportunities for growth are endless. At the minimum, you can expect at least one hour a week in new content. The training platform is self-paced.
  • Who is Dr Philip Foster
    Dr. Philip Foster is a professional business coach, mentor, and consultant with over 30 years of experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, startups, and business strategy. He is a best-selling author and the founder of Maximum Change Business Mentoring with expertise in entrepreneurship, startups, online business, and business strategy. With over 30 years of business experience, including 20-plus as an online entrepreneur and business mentor. Over the years he has launched dozens of businesses and knows what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to building an online business. He has been there – in the trenches – building businesses from the ground up since 2000. ​ He has one mission: To help you build a wildly successful online membership business. His commitment is to help you convert your passion and knowledge into an online membership business that creates the income and lifestyle you’ve always imagined. He understands that starting and growing any business can be both exciting and overwhelming. That's why he designed the Founders Circle to provide you with mentoring, training, and community support to help you on your journey. ​ Dr. Philip Foster is not just a business mentor – he is a certified online educator, seasoned entrepreneur, and online business expert who is here to show you how you can turn your passion and knowledge into a profitable, self-managing, scalable online membership business that you can be proud of. Everything the Founders Circle offers is backed by his years of experience, success, and education.
  • How much access will I have to Philip?
    You should expect an opportunity to chat with Philip during the group mentoring sessions, in the Facebook group, and in the Members Only area of our website. Every training will be led by Philip. More personalized access is available through limited VIP offerings.
  • When does the Founders Circle Start? How long does it last?
    The Founders Circle has a rolling enrollment, so you can join as soon as you're ready! To get the most out of our program, we recommend a 12-month commitment. Anything shorter won’t give you the support you need to start, grow or scale your business.
  • Where is the Founders Circle held?
    The Founders Circle sessions are conducted weekly through Live Google Meet meetings. If you miss a session, you will have access to the replay in the video vault.
  • What's the investment required for The Founders Circle?
    The value of all the elements in the Founders Circle totals more than $52,000, but the actual out-of-pocket investment for the program is only $79/month. You can start and stop whenever you like. You will receive weekly live training and mentoring, Live Master Classes, the entire Founders Circle archive of videos and tools, access to the business academy training portal, members-only community, and so much more! You will get all of this for only $79 per month. At the beginning of each month, we will charge your card $79 and your membership will be active until canceled. You are enrolling in a membership program and your card will be automatically billed each month until canceled. ​ Your Price Will Never Go Up Unless You Cancel and Rejoin At A Later Date.
  • What's your refund policy?
    The Founders Circle is designed for individuals who want to start their own online membership business or already have one and want to take it to the next level. I believe refunds are an easy way out for people who aren’t willing to do the work. That’s why I don't offer them, ever. I keep the bar high so you can achieve your very best. Your Price Will Never Go Up Unless You Cancel and Rejoin At A Later Date. For more information visit the TERMS & CONDITIONS section of our website. For information on product returns, please visit the RETURNS page.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    You may start and stop your Founders Circle membership at any time. Cancellation of the monthly subscription is effective at the end of the current paid month. Due to the digital and/or educational nature of the products and services offered by Maximum Change, there are no refunds regardless of the usage of the product or service. For more information visit the terms section of our website. ​Your Price Will Never Go Up Unless You Cancel and Rejoin At A Later Date.
  • Does The Founders Circle Have a Non-Disclosure Policy?
    The short answer is "YES" The Founders Circle is a unique community where entrepreneurs and experts share sensitive and proprietary information about their businesses, strategies, and experiences, therefore, as a condition of membership, all members must agree to abide by a Non-Disclosure to protect its members and their businesses. The NDA ensures that all members feel safe sharing their insights, knowing that their information is protected and won't be disclosed outside the group. This agreement fosters a trusting environment conducive to learning and collaboration. Confidential information includes any data, strategies, business plans, financial details, operational processes, customer insights, and any other information shared within the Founders Circle that is not publicly available. This can be information shared by Maximum Change Business Mentoring or any member of the group. The NDA does not cover information that is already publicly available, known to you before you participate in the Founders Circle, independently developed by you, or rightfully obtained from another source without a duty of confidentiality.
  • How do I get started?
    It's as simple as clicking the “UNLOCK NOW” button below!
  • Wait! I have a few more questions!
    We understand you've got a few more questions. We would love to take the time to answer them. Feel free to drop us an email with your questions on our CONTACT page. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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