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Start Creating Your Online Business Success

I help entrepreneurs like you get the support, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed in building their online business even if it is your first time.

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Quick Launch Online Business Startup Checklist

This tool will help you launch your Online Business in just a few short hours

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Whether you are new to business or have been around a while, I specialize in empowering, guiding, and, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners, just like you, to start and grow an online business. Through group mentoring, comprehensive training, and the support of a dynamic community of like-minded entrepreneurs, I equip entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully launch and grow their online business.

Join the Founders Circle to gain the support, knowledge, skills, inspiration, and network you need to confidently build and scale your online business. Don't go it alone—let us support you every step of the way.

An Alternative to Business Schools and Webinars

I teach people how to start and grow their online business without the time commitments and tuition of a traditional business program or lengthy webinars.


I understand that college is not for everyone. This is why I provide real-world, easy-to-follow, affordable, self-paced training that includes mentoring in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that will support and encourage you every step of the way. My passion is to provide you with feed back and real-world applications that you can put to use immediately as you build your business! 

AND, I do something most programs can't do. I offer real-world mentoring services that provide the support and guidance needed as you pursue your dreams.  

Very few have actually built successful online businesses. I am different! Everything I do from teaching to mentoring is backed by over 30 years of experience. Imagine getting access to valuable training, insights and feedback when you need it most.

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Your Secret Weapon to Success

Gain a Competitive Edge with Business Mentoring

Launching a business can be an intimidating process, but the right mentor can help you make the transition with confidence. Having a mentor to turn to can help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize your chances for success. Research shows that entrepreneurs with access to a mentor are five times more likely to start a business and mentored businesses are twice as likely to survive more than five years. Working with a mentor is not only about avoiding pitfalls, it's also about increasing the likelihood of business success.

Unlock Your Potential

With my help, you'll gain valuable insights and strategies that can help you overcome obstacles, make better decisions, and achieve your business goals with greater ease and confidence. I provide an invaluable sounding board and support system to help you navigate the complexities of starting and growing your business and unlock your true potential.

Get ready to take your business to the next level with the Founders Circle. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make smart, informed decisions and take your business to the heights of success.

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Hi! I'm Philip Foster

With over 30 years of business experience, including 20-plus as an entrepreneur and business mentor, I've learned what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to building an online business. I've been there – in the trenches – building businesses from the ground up! I understand that when you're starting out, it can be difficult to understand what you don't know. I started Maximum Change in 2005 – to provide you with an experienced mentor who has built successful online businesses, hired employees, spoken around the world, taught business and entrepreneurship at universities, and published multiple articles and books.

I am committed to helping people build online businesses that create income and a lifestyle they’ve always imagined. I understand that starting and growing an online business can be both exciting and overwhelming. That's why I design the Founders Circle to provide you with the mentoring, training, and community support to help you on your journey.

I'm not just a business coach – I'm a real-world teacher and mentor, and I'm here to show you how you can build a profitable, self-managing, scalable online business that you can be proud of. Everything I offer is backed by my personal experiences, success, and education.

What Clients Are Saying...

"I can't say enough about the quality of the training and resources provided by the Founders Circle - it's helped me take my business to the next level."

Join a community of ambitious, driven entrepreneurs who are eager to learn,
grow, and make an impact in the world.
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Why You Should Join

This program is perfect for just about anyone who wants to start an online business or take their existing business to the next level. 

There has been no better time than now to start your business. Isn't it time you stopped dreaming and started pursuing the life and business of your dreams?

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