I Teach People How To Start & Grow Businesses 

For many, starting and running a business can seem out of reach. Even a side-hustle can seem overwhelming for someone with a fulltime job.


Let's face it, there are hundreds of people online claiming to have the magic formula to wealth and happiness in three easy payments. Unfortunately, many of these coaches, gurus, and training courses are offered by people with little to no real experience in life, business, education, or coaching. And honestly, going to a pricey university is not really the answer because they don't teach you how to start and scale a business. Trust me - I know all too well! So, where can you turn for actual help?

The Inner Circle is THE place where ideas become real products and services. Where entrepreneurs receive support and guidance as they grow their businesses. It’s also where you’ll be held accountable Dr. Foster, but more importantly… your peers!

We meet every week for a virtual training/mastermind, where you can expect a safe and supportive environment to share experiences, get new perspectives and ideas, receive feedback and ultimately gain the clarity you need to move forward in a positive way with your business aspirations.

Our Program
  • Weekly Live Mastermind

  • Regular Q & A Days

  • Entrepreneur Community

  • Online Training Platform

  • Step-by-step training 24/7

  • Downloadable Templates

  • 1:1 Coaching Options

  • Weekly Action Steps

  • Consulting Services


William Clark

Dr. Foster is an awesome coach. He has provided the guidance I needed to navigate a number of business and leadership challenges.

Daryl Hedding

Dr. Foster has an acute ability to analyze, predict, and give advice on how to successfully lead a team towards success.


Lori Hoyt

Dr. Foster a rock star coach! His advice has helped me streamline my business onto a digital platform to better leverage my time and focus!

How Dr. Foster Can Help You

Very few "business coaches" have actually built multiple successful businesses, hired hundreds of employees, spoken around the world, taught business at universities, and published multiple business articles and books.  

Dr. Foster has been there – in the trenches – building businesses from the ground up… for over 30-years!

Everything Dr. Foster teaches, stands for, and coaches people through, is backed by 30-years of personal experience. He's NOT going to teach you how to ‘get rich quick’. His goal is to make a positive impact through smart, savvy business, and lifestyle choices.


The Inner Circle

Perfect for individuals who want to start a side-hustle business grow their business so that they can leave their 9 to 5 or business owners who are ready to up-level. Includes group mastermind, digital training platform, and more.