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More Money - More Impact - More Time - Whatever you're looking to increase, the proof of our success is in your results.

Strategies, Solutions & Results You Want

To Build, Grow & Lead A Successful Multi-Million Dollar Business

I'm Your COACH

I'm Dr. Philip Foster, The Success Coach. With over 25 years of business experience,  I've built and run multi-million dollar companies and have successfully helped individuals around the world to do the same. I am an expert in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, and the future of work. Whether you're a start-up, business owner, professional athlete, politician, pastor, executive, or media personality; my coaching is always confidential.

Since 2005 I've coached and consulted with entrepreneurs, business owners, Executives, and high profile individuals around the world, helping them to successfully build and scale their organizations through a solution-focused holistic approach to coaching.

Organizations & Individuals Served: Small business owners, C-Level Executives, Tech Start-ups, Government and Non-Government Agencies, Not-for-Profits, Technology and Software Firms, Energy Companies, Manufacturers, Retailers, Public Relations Firms, Higher Educations, Media, including Film, Video, Live Television, Radio, Print, Health Care, Legal Professionals and Service Professionals, Celebrities, Politicians, Professional Athletes, High Profile Individuals and more...



Strategies, Solutions & Results You Want

To Build, Grow & Lead A Successful Multi-Million Dollar Business

What Do You Need?

Statistically, 80% of businesses survive their first year with only 50% remaining after 5 years.


Working with a business coach can help you dramatically increase the survive-ability of your business. Over 75% of all executives say that they either use or could greatly benefit from working with a coach. Research further shows a 529% return on investment; 86% increase in productivity; and significant intangible benefits to the businesses that engage in the coaching process.

Here are few areas & problems I help solve:

  • Tactical & Strategic Thinking

  • Life Balance & Self Care

  • Mindset Shifts

  • Reliable Executive Sounding Board

  • Scaling Your Business

  • Leadership & Team Relationship Issues

  • Leader Impostor Syndrome

  • Leadership Skills for New Executives

  • Bootstrapped Business Scaling

  • Strategic Planning & Foresight

  • Measure effectiveness of action plans

  • Strategic Team & Organizational Culture Assessments

  • Sales Process Review, Strategies & Training

  • Marketing & PR

  • Budgeting Dash Board & Debt Strategies

  • Optimize organizational structure

  • Optimize Collaborative Processes

  • Performance Appraisals & Reviews

  • and much more...

Three Ways to Achieve Maximum Results

Master Academy

Bootstrapped Businesses on a Budget

  • University Level Training

  • Business Assessment

  • Group Coaching Sessions

  • Regular Q&A Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Resource & Video Archive


Start-ups & Business Owners

  • One-on-one Coaching/Consulting

  • Monthly Virtual Mastermind

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Resource & Video Archive

  • Access to Master Academy

  • Community & Q&A Calls

Private Coaching

Clients Who Need Discretion

  • One-on-one Coaching/Consulting

  • My Private Cell Number

  • Access to Master Academy

  • Resource & Video Archive


Limited Private Coaching slots available.

Unsure? Scared?

Before you think about clicking away from this web page without signing up for at least the free consultation, you might want to consider this: Starting and running a successful business is hard enough by yourself.  It is all about risk, hard work, and reward! While Success is ultimately up to you, you don't have to go-it-alone.

Yes, you've gotten this far by doing the very best you knew how. And running a business is really HARD work!  Which is likely the reason you are here right now looking for a coach! Why not partner with a coach that has a passion for helping starts-ups, business owners and leaders take their business to the next level. Someone whose life mission is to help others succeed!

You have a choice to make. You can click away from my website and continue on as you have been or you can schedule your complimentary session right now and allow us to co-create the strategies you will need to overcome challenges, tackle major issues, unleash your potential and 10x your results.

How Can I Start To Get Results?

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