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31 Days to a New Year – DAY 14 | Priorities

December 14, 2011 – DAY 14:  Do you ever stop to consider what your priorities are? What are the most important things to you? I ask this question often and it never ceases to amazes me at how many of us have our priorities in the wrong place. I often hear “my family is my priority” and never mention their job.

The reality is this, they spend 12 to 14 hours a day working and hardly even know their spouse and kids anymore. I find it interesting how we will say that something is important to us only to put our absolute energies into another. Essentially, we give priority of our time and focus to the things that are important to us. I have done a great deal of couples coaching and the one thing that I hear most often than not is that couples just don’t talk like they used to. When I dig deeper into this comment I find that someone works too late, all they do is watch television at night, or that one of them is playing video games all the time. While income is important and working late every once-in-a-while is inevitable, work late all the time is just going to place your priorities with your boss and your income over the relationship you have with your family. The television and video games have a simpler solution, get rid of them! Yep, you heard me… if they are taking all of your attention away then you need to make a change. I have my cable turned off over a year ago and don’t miss it one bit. I do have internet television, but I spend more time talking with my family than I ever did. For some, they need to just get rid of that video console. Sell it, smash it – whatever is needed… Otherwise, what your communicating is that the fantasy world of shooting zombies and aliens is more important than the people who you say you love.

Today – I want you to write down everything you claim as a priority. Then I want you to take a series self-evaluating look at that list. Best honest with yourself.  Write down next to each one of those priorities those things that steal time from those priorities. Then, write down was to take back the time to put back into the priorities you claim are important to you.  Changing focus may just save your relationship from a great demise.


Philip A Foster, MA is Founder/CEO of Maximum Change Inc. Elevating leaders and their organizations to the next level since 2005. Master Certified Coach, Philip A Foster, MA and his associates facilitate effective positive change by helping organizations, leaders and individuals in high demand — design and implement strategies that maximize focus and deliver results. Specializing in Organization and Strategic Leadership.

Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Web | Skype: philip.a.foster | 615-216-5667

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