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31 Days to a New Year – DAY 2

December 2, 2011: Yesterday’s exercise had us considering those things that we tolerate. Today I would like you to consider those things you procrastinate over. In some cases, the things you tolerate are also the same things you are procrastinating over, but not necessarily. Tolerating something simply means you are not in enough pain to do anything about the problem. Procrastination is NOT the problem but actually a symptom of the problem. Procrastination is typically a sign of some kind of fear. Fear at any level is debilitating enough to keep us from our best. I once had a client who was procrastinating painting the fence. When I pressed in on what was really going on… the client expressed concern (fear) that they would do a bad job, make a mess, or even have body aches as a result of painting the fence. Another client wanted to go to college but kept putting off filling out the application. Upon deeper examination it was found that they were afraid that they would go through the trouble of the application only to be rejected by the school they wanted to go to. In the case of procrastination and fear, the majority of the things we worry about never happen (especially the way we imagine it). Procrastination means we are probably over thinking the situation at hand.

So you’ve probably already guessed that today’s exercise is to make a list of the things that you are procrastinating to get done. It could be as simple as painting a fence or cleaning the garage or as complex as applying to go back to school.  No matter how silly or complex it seems, put it on your list. And… if you’re feeling like procrastinating doing this exercise.. STOP….  Just do it… you will appreciate the effort come January 1. Remember that change requires effort and time. We are on a journey. Take the next step!

We will take another step tomorrow.


Philip A Foster, MA is Founder/CEO of Maximum Change Inc. Elevating leaders and their organizations to the next level since 2005. Master Certified Coach, Philip A Foster, MA and his associates facilitate effective positive change by helping organizations, leaders and individuals in high demand — design and implement strategies that maximize focus and deliver results. Specializing in Organization and Strategic Leadership.

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