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4 Steps to Organizational Success | STEP 2: Alignment

When was the last time you checked the alignment of your organization? For many, the answer is likely never! In fact, most probably don’t even know what true organizational alignment consists of. According to Webster’s alignment is an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another. In other words, is your organization in alignment with the Mission, Vision and long-range goals of the organization? Most would quickly say yes. But to be honest you really don’t know unless you check the alignment on a regular basis. Most organizations I’ve worked with assume that because the organization is making a profit and nothing has proverbially blown up that their alignment is just fine. As example, we worked with an organization that appeared to be doing great with their alignment. They were profitable and growing. But there was a problem festering under the surface of this wonderful organization. When we conducted the analysis and compared it against the organizations stated values, mission and vision we discovered a problem. There was at least one employee that was very unhappy. The stakeholders in the organization were surprised to find that there was a problem at all. The location was their most profitable and the person that was not happy was their best employee. The organization was out of alignment and it was beginning to spread throughout that location like a virus. Unattended, this could have been the undoing on this particular location. Analysis is the first step in identifying alignment issues. But how do we align the organization? This requires the delicate process of change management. Change management involves proper and effective communication, leadership coaching, and follower training among other things. In some cases, alignment requires a clear definition of what the organization is here for. Alignment takes time and patience. The process can’t be rushed and steps can’t be overlooked. Success comes from a proper alignment and is not always a do-it-yourself project. I know better than to try and do a front-end alignment on my car. I take it to a mechanic who has the tools and expertise to assist me. The same goes for organizational alignment. Don’t go it alone. Most organizations do not have the time or expertise to align their organization. If you’re in that place, we can help.  Our team has over 60 years of leadership, management and organizational development experience. If you believe your organization could benefit from our 4-step process, please contact us today for a FREE consult.


Dr. Philip A Foster is considered a Thought Leader in Business Operations, Organization and Strategic Leadership. He is a prolific writer, published author and lectures internationally. His most recent e-book “Organization 3.0 – The Evolution of Leadership and Organizational Theories Toward an Open System for the 21st Century” is available exclusively on Amazon.  Philip is certified in both Leadership and coaching and serves as Adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN. He is the Founder and CEO of Maximum Change Leadership and Business Consulting, serving clients from around the world. He is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership with emphasis in Strategic Foresight and holds a Master of Art in Organizational Leadership, both from Regent University, Virginia. He can be reached at or (615)216-5667

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