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You’re in pursuit of success, but it hasn’t arrived yet. You desperately need a breakthrough. I think about breakthrough a lot. I think about it for my clients and I think about it for myself. As a success coach, I too need a breakthrough on my goals and desires for life. My breakthroughs are many times the breakthroughs of others. Probably one of the most commons questions I get is “how do you have a breakthrough?” In all of my years of professional coaching I have learned this. Breakthroughs are possible, but they require an investment. This investment comes in the form of mental energy, time and even financial resources. The mythology of a breakthrough is that it appears like an overnight event to those witnessing from the outside in. A breakthrough is like a moving sidewalk in the airport. You are walking along the concourse and then you step onto the moving sidewalk. You get a sudden burst of speed that propels you further than you could have gone simply walking on your own. If you choose to walk on the moving sidewalk, you will move even faster. This is how a breakthrough works. This is your a catalyst for breakthrough.

The challenge for many is that a breakthrough requires a precise process. Again, from the outside it looks like it just happened. But from the inside, it took years to reach the breakthrough. A common analogy to think about this process comes in from the question “How many hits of an ax does it take to fell a tree?” Some might say the first and some might say the last. The correct answer is that every hit of the ax was required for the tree to fall. So, like the tree, a breakthrough requires a lot of steps – whacks of the ax – to reach your goals. No matter the number of times we must hit the tree – persistence is what falls the tree.

Breakthrough comes from the use of a catalyst, a precise process and the persistence to never give up. A triumphant story of success always includes the dogged persistence of the one achieving their breakthrough.

Are you finally ready for your breakthrough? Let me know…

Dr. Foster

The Success Coach

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