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Change for 2018

Like any great Coach, I’ve been thinking a lot about my clients and the new year. Not because I am a fan of New Years resolutions – but because I am always thinking about the future. I actually don’t encourage the use of resolutions because most people will quickly forget about them in a few shorts weeks. You see resolutions don’t create change. It is far more complicated than writing down a flimsy wish list of things you might ought to accomplish. I don’t want to sound jaded in any way. I am simply approaching this from the reality of over 24 years in business.

So when do you think change actually starts? I think that change begins with an earnest and committed decision to do something new, different or incredible. Change begins with a belief in yourself and a positive outlook toward accomplishing those things you so deeply desire.

The reality is that change begins WITH you and WITHIN you. Change begins when you move from the thought of I should change to I can and will change. Once you have decided that you will change you begin to enter into the phase of actually changing. You are the change you seek.

It’s time you broke loose of the place you are stuck in. Take action and keep moving forward. This is not easy but it is possible. Action-takers are the ones that move toward and enter into Success.

So this, I’ve concluded: those who want change bad enough will change. You can’t wait for change – you have to do something for yourself now and for the rest of your life.

If you are ready… contact me and I will be happy to set up a free consultation to discussion the steps necessary to step into your very own awesomeness.

Dr. Foster – The Success Coach

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