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Don’t give up… Ever!

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I was chatting with a friend last night. Someone who, a few years ago, went through a very challenge time in their life. A time I would consider to be rather dark. I did my best to encourage them through their difficult season. Time passed and as we were catching up last night he shared with me some wonderful news about his son’s football team winning the State Championship. The best part is that my friend is the head coach for the team. He was telling me that in 61 years, no team from his states has ever played for the National Championship, much less win it. His words, not mine. He went on to tell me that his son’s team had two 4-game winning streaks this season and that is what is needed to go all the way to be National Champs. But right now my friend has his team laser focused on the Regional Championship.

I reminded my friend that it didn’t feel like it has been all that long ago since he was trying to figure out his purpose in life. He told me how he finally felt accepted and respected for how his hard work and focus has created such a team and a group of young men who play so well together.

The reason why this story is important is because my friend was experiencing a lot of health issues that began to inhibit his athleticism. I recall saying to him that just because his physical health was changing didn’t mean he couldn’t contribute something great. I recall telling him that he could always coach kids… Fast forward to today… he is the coach of State Champions who are regional championship bound. I don’t want to get ahead of myself – but I truly believe that they will go to the National Championship.

This story reminds me of no matter how hard life is, we must persevere. We must not give up because some awesome reason is just ahead… many times we just can’t see it yet.

I told my friend to remember this mountain top. That we climb the mountains of life not because we enjoy the pain and heartache along the way. We do so to experience the summit. He is experiencing a summit. He deserves this win – but more importantly – the kids who worked so hard on the field – some playing through pain and broken bones without complaint. The kids channeled the work of a really good coach to win a much deserved playoff.

I am so proud of my friend… and his son… Well done – well done! Dr. Foster – The Success Coach

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