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I didn’t want to post this…

I don’t usually do this, but in a moment of CLARITY I realized it needed to happen…


If you’re already hitting your life and business goals (financially & otherwise), disregard this particular email because I only want to talk to the people who are NOT hitting theirs.

By ‘hitting your goals,’ I mean actually achieving them. Not “about to achieve them” or “working on achieving them” or “just around the corner from your big break.”

There is no in between here…

Either you’re hitting them, or you’re not.

And if you’re NOT hitting them — let me tell you real quick what MIGHT be the problem. YOU.

YOU are likely the problem.

WAIT — before you clench your fists and gather up the breath to scream obscenities at the heavens… finish reading this first please.

I’ve observed that most people get ‘stuck’ in what we call make-believe realism. It’s this space that’s completely made up, which we pretend is real.

The person who is PERPETUALLY ‘almost there.’ Every Thanksgiving & Christmas they’re about to have their best year ever…

Then the next year, something didn’t work out but hey they’re about to redeem it with their “BEST YEAR EVER.”

Entrepreneurs get stuck here.

You learn a little about MINDSET and how to believe and the power of positive thinking. And then?

You trick yourself into thinking you’re ‘making it’ when you’re actually not.

Here’s some relief: you’re doing it ‘half’ right. Thinking the right way about yourself and having belief IS the start of something powerful…

But you’re missing a key piece of the equation:


We remove the things you’re doing that don’t make any sense, but you’re too close to them to see that.

People start working less, earning more money, and (BIG BONUS) being way more fulfilled… That is what we want to talk to you about, should you choose to explore the opportunity of working together.

If you’re not hitting your goals, and you see opportunities and do nothing with them, you deserve to not hit your goals.

Sorry but just speaking what’s true right now.

No more bucking responsibility…

The choice is yours. We’re here when you’re ready. START HERE The Success Coach –

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