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Is Business for People or for Profit?

The only way I know how to begin answer the question is business for people or profit is through an analogy. The human body is the structure which holds our soul. Without the body, the soul has no physical ability to produce an outcome in the physical world (that we know of).

Webster’s (2000) defines profit as “yielding advantageous returns or results.” In plane terms, profit is the product of effort given by people (the soul) within the structure (body) of business. It would seem reasonable to argue that business, people and profits are interconnected and without people there is no intrinsic value for a business to produce profits. Therefore, understanding what intrinsically motivates the workforce is a challenge for business (Foster, 2011). Stanford (2009) supports this notion by arguing that organizations involve people and their emotional reactions to change (p 103). Therefore, I argue that business is the mechanism people use to produce profits and outcomes that satisfy an intrinsic drive or motivation from within. Some business models focus on the value of helping people and some business models are focused on making a profit. To summarize – business is for people for profit that satisfy some intrinsic need to produce an outcome.


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Philip A Foster, MA is a professional leadership coach with Maximum Change Inc. Elevating leaders and their organizations to the next level since 2005. Master Certified Coach, Philip A Foster, MA and his associates facilitate effective positive change by helping organizations, leaders and individuals in high demand — design and implement strategies that maximize focus and deliver results. Specializing in Organization and Strategic Leadership.

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