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May 14, 2012 | Bogota Colombia – Service Learning Update

Final preparations are under way for my trip to Bogota. Tickets in hand, boarding passes will be printed tomorrow and by Wednesday I will be on my way to Colombia.

I just heard from my contact in Colombia. She sent me a copy of the translated PowerPoint presentation. It is really interesting to see your material translated into a different language. I was also informed of the tentative schedule and attendee numbers. Would appear that the organization in Colombia has pulled out all the stops to make sure there is a great turnout for the conference.

At last count there are about 130 people coming to listen to my presentation over a three day conference. As I understand it, I will be speaking to a mixed audience of business owners, professionals, university professors, deans, young adults and grades 10 and 11. The students in grades 10 and 11 are part of an entrepreneurship program in Colombia.

Additional plans include a meeting with the Dean and educators as well as other opportunities to extend diplomatic relationships between Colombia and Regent University.


Philip A Foster, MA is a 3rd year doctoral student at Regent University and is the Founder of Maximum Change, Inc. To contact Philip or for more information, visit

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