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May 19th | Bogota Colombia– Service Learning Update

My day started at 6:30 am. I got up and prepared for the day. We had breakfast and then we were off to the University Bosque for the conference. At lunch we ate at a local restaurant called “quickly.” It was actually a small patio in someones back yard. The Colombians are very resourceful people. And the lunch was very good. I ate an Arepas and a Colombian soda. The Arepas had beef and pork rinds in it. It was very tasty. The soda was similar to cream soda.

The conference ended very well. Many great questions and may thanks. There were individuals that traveled from a distance to hear me speak. Everyone seemed grateful.

Since my day was consumed with the conference, I thought I would tell you about some of my observations. My hosts laugh at me because I keep taking pictures of the buildings here. They are very modern buildings. Many of them are what we would call “smart” or “intelligent” buildings. The architecture is simply amazing. The buildings use resources wisely. There are motion sensors on many lights in hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms… very interesting to say the least. In some of the more modern buildings, there is one common area between the bathrooms. So you enter into your gender specific bathroom and do your thing and then you enter back into the common area to wash your hands. Also, there is no toilet paper in the stalls of the bathrooms. There is one receptacle hanging on the wall outside of the stalls for everyone to use. So if you need to use a stall you had better grab a handful of paper on the way in.

University Bosque

Another observation: When someone greets you here it is either with a handshake (first meeting ) or a hug and kiss (2nd or more meetings).

I have to say that everywhere I go, the view is absolutely stunning. The mountains around Bogota just capture my imagination. I can’t event begin to say how amazing they are. I wished my camera would catch what my eye is actually seeing. It is breathtaking.

To end my day, we went to a birthday of one of the hosts kids. It was a very cute way to end the day. Tomorrow we will go to church and then visit the small towns outside of Bogota. I am looking forward to seeing more of the country. I am tired but very happy. I miss home but am grateful for the time I have been given here.

I came to Bogota with no idea why I was coming here. At the very least, one of the attendees said that they had been praying for answers for a very long time. And that the information I gave them these past few days were answers to prayers with every comment I made. I feel great about the things I presented. I feel welcomed and that I have friends for life here.

More tomorrow my friends


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