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Social Media and your Business

Sometimes I am known to rant and sometimes even “think out loud”… I am not sure how this will be categorized by the reader but I do have an important observation to offer organizational leaders. What will set your organization apart from all the others is how you compete in the emerging world economy. We are all becoming painfully aware of social, political, and religious differences.

I have been using social media to promote my business for several years now. What I have observed is that the lines between personal opinion and hobby collide with many small business owners who use Facebook, Twitter, and the like. I have several colleagues in business whom have the habit of posting their personal opinions on subjects which I believe may alienate many of their customers.  While I don’t apologize for my personal opinions on politics, religion and life in general; I do keep those opinions out of my business postings. What is equally frustrating is to see a colleague post a business related item and directly after that their game score, horoscope or other wall “bling”. So here is my suggestion to you… if you have Facebook or some other social media outlet in which you combine your personal and business matters; parse them out. What I mean is that you should get a Facebook page that is dedicated to nothing but your company or business matters and then maintain one that is for your personal fun.  I have two accounts myself; one that is for my business and is public and the other is locked down tight. I have less than 75 friends on my personal page where I chat with my like-minded friends on subjects that permeate my personal life. These subjects stay on my personal page and have nothing to do with my business.

If you’re going to be in business for yourself… your social media must reflect a professional image!  Don’t run off good clients and prospects because you played Farm-ville last night or commented on your dismay regarding a social geopolitical matter.  As long as silence of your opinion does not break ethical or moral norms, they really have no place on your business social media outlet.  Of course – this is my opinion… and I am sticking with it.


Philip A Foster, MA is a professional life and leadership coach with Maximum Change Inc. He works with leaders to develop their purpose, life balance and achieve greater success; encouraging leaders to take active and consistent steps toward reaching goals and objectives. Specializing in Organization and Strategic Leadership.

Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Web | Blog | Skype: philip.a.foster | (615) 216-5667

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