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Success Doesn't Wait for You!

I don’t know what motivates you... but I know what motivates me because I am me. What I do know is that Success Doesn’t wait around for you to decide if you are motivated enough. Success is a participant sport that requires you to get into the game. It requires you to make sacrifices and to push toward the goal(s).

If you have not yet found your pathway to success, it is likely because you have not found the right strategies yet. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. But here is the good news: There are tools and techniques you can use every single day that can help you move toward and achieve your goal(s). Moving toward success is a moment by moment, day by day activity. It requires stamina and accountability. Accountability brings focus and helps us stay the course toward our goals. Remember, motivation is nothing more than desire. It is the ambition to go after what you want. Motivation can be either internally or externally motivated. Internally driven motivation is known to last longer. The best kind of motivation of all is internally driven.

But here is the thing, you need to get really clear on your vision; your unique vision of your life. What is your vision? For me, it’s helping individuals just like you find success and live the life they want to live successfully. I can “see” how this will positively impact not on the individuals I coach but the world around them and will create a ripple effect of goodness. I have a vision for clients who have happy families, successful children and thriving businesses. My vision is to help my clients not only become successful but to help them find ways to pay it forward in life. The vision of someone - just like you - becoming all of those things and more gets me excited. It helps me jump up out of bed in the morning and to work hard, because I want to make it reality. But, I realize that you might have a different vision. Maybe you want to start your own business. Or maybe you want to travel and see the world. Maybe you just want to pay off debt, but your kids through school or build that dream home you’ve always wanted. Whatever it is - not matter what it is - you can realize it and more if you have a vision. A vision that is bigger than you. Perhaps a vision that scares the crap out of you. Your vision should set the path to the person you most want to become. It is the very reason I started Maximum Change in 2005 and it is the very reason I get up every day and share with you. You can be who you are right now - you can continue to live the life you have right now... or.... you can live the life you most want and deserve. You decide. It is time for you to choose. Will you invest in yourself and your future or will you keep-on-keeping on? You get to decide. Either way, I am still going to work with clients as I work toward my goal.

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