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Success Requires Discomfort

Are you comfortable? I guess what I am really asking is whether you are comfortable where you are? Perhaps it is a false sense of comfort but you are comfortable. Most people who bump around life don’t realize that they traded in extraordinary for mediocre. There is nothing wrong with mediocre if you’re ok with it. This is really for those who are uncomfortable to the point of pain with their mediocrity.

What I have learned in my journey to success is that you must find discomfort if you are ever going to move beyond your present situation. Brilliant, durable change requires pressure to change us from one state to the another. We have to disrupt the comfort of mediocrity if we are to live in the abundance of success.

This requires shifts in our mindset and purposeful focus on our goals. This means you will have to learn and grow. Growth is imperative to the health and viability of your long-term success. You must learn to become laser focused, optimistic, curious and determination to get to the winning line. A word of caution though… once you reach your success point - there are other races to be run… other finish lines to cross. Greater things to achieve beyond your current dreams.

The journey through new possibilities travels right through the middle of your current path to success. It is through this journey that you are able to see new and infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to be disrupted?

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