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Thank God it’s Friday

Are you excited that it is Friday because the week is over or are you excited it is Friday because your week has just begun? It is all about perspective isn’t it?
You see, you could be excited that it is Friday because you are unhappy, miserable, and worn out over your job or situation in life. Friday represent a time when you can rip loose, party and medicate away the horrific week you had. Or... Friday represents a two day hibernation as you reset for a new week.

Both of these scenarios scream of someone who is resigned to a mediocre life.

BUT.... what if Friday represented momentum toward your goals... momentum toward your success? What if you used Friday as two days to get ahead of the pack. While people are sleeping... resting and either binge drinking or binge watching tv... you are actually using that time to reach new heights... new goals... new levels of success?

Yes... T.G.I.F. has two meanings... for the successful person it means another chance to get ahead of the pack... for everyone else it is a chance to become more like everyone else... further and further into the ranks of mediocre.

Which one are you? Are you OK with that? Just remember.. no one - not one single successful person has ever rested their way into lasting success. Every person who has found success had to work really hard at it. Both physically and mentally.

If your desire is to celebrate the weekend as a new chance to launch further into your success... then it is time you contacted me.

When you enter into Success.... T.G.I.F. will no longer mean - Thank God it’s Friday... it

will mean Thank God I’m FREE.
What are you waiting for?

Dr. Foster - The Success Coach
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