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The Heart of a Lion: Daily Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

The pursuit of goals and dreams is not for the weak. The journey is hard both physically and mentally. To take this journey you must have the heart of a lion. You must be brave and courageous. You must have mental fortitude... you must be fearless in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

People are going to say things about you on your way to your dreams. They are going to try to stop you because they don’t understand what it is that is burning so deep within you. They don’t understand that your goal is like oxygen to your soul. They don’t understand that you have a fire raging inside of you that only can be satisfied by success. That your goals compel you to work tirelessly day and night.

You must not give up... you must not let fear win. Your journey to success is not about how hard it is... but about how you overcame that difficulty. How you rose above it all and stood tall on the summit of your dreams. The journey is about preparing you for the success you are about to receive.

Today - resolve to have the heart of a lion. Resolve to be courageous in the face of the unknown. Resolve to fearless. Resolve to not give up - not give in - not turn away. You are hungry... you are burdened - you must win.

Don’t give up... EVER!

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