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The Shortcut to Success is a Long Journey…

I have spent my entire life studying success. I began my journey starry-eyed and hopeful. I dreamed of ways to “get-rich” some of which were tainted with the need for it to happen quickly.

Hear me now… THERE IS NO SHORTCUT to success… Whether you pave your own way or you take the road before you - shortcuts are a myth. We can do things that help us along the journey but these techniques do not necessarily move us forward at lightning pace.

Success is a “steady as she goes” journey. There are no “fast lanes” to wealth, prosperity or power. What I have learned is that Success requires a day-in and day-out commitment to the end goal.

The interesting thing about goals are that they are ever expanding. We might set out on the journey toward our great idea or passion only to discover that it is a thread that ties us to other options and opportunities along the way.

At the time of this writing, I am nearly 49 years old. It has taken me 30 years to unpack one truth. Success begins in the mind… prospers in the mind… and is manifested into the physical through sheer determination and laser focus. I have learned one other truth. The Journey to Success feels lonely but it shouldn’t be lonely. I have learned along the way that I need friends who understand me. Like-minded entrepreneurs that believe in me even on the darkest days. Because success begins and lives in the mind long before it is real… I need coaches, mentors and friends that will help me stay focused.

It is the reason I became a coach. It is the reason my passion is to help other people. Because the journey to Success does not need to be a lonely one.

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