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The Year of Breakthrough


Resolution time and time for the gym to be packed with well meaning resolutionites on their way to a new and improve body and mind. I too plan to hit the gym with more gusto than in the previous year. If you, like me, have been around a gym for the first month of a new year you begin to see a pattern. Day one – people are stacked into the gym like cord wood. But by the end of week 4 you can hardly find as many people in the room as before. More on this in a moment..

The New Year brings us all a fresh start – a clean slate – a new chapter of our life waiting to be lived out. A new year holds great promise for everyone. This is finally the new year that we receive a breakthrough… this is the year that we accomplish our goals… this is our year. This sounds awesome – so what’s the problem? There is nothing wrong with an earnest investment in oneself. The problem however lies in the fact that we leak. Like the earnest gym goers, we lose momentum. We run out of motivation. This doesn’t always happen immediately. Some momentum takes a few days or even a few weeks to run aground.

Even the most motivated people have days in which staying focused takes a great deal of time and energy. What we know to be true is that the most successful people surround themselves with those who help them stay on target – even on those slump days. Most all successful people have another thing in common – they have a coach or mentor to help them stay laser focused on their dreams and goals.

The New Year – this New Year – 2018, brings with it new questions to be asked, embraced and loved. It has answers to be discovered and lived out in this year of transformation, self-discovery and breakthrough. 2018 is wide open before you. You get to write the story of how it is lived and how next New Year’s Eve will look to you. Will you make a list of proud accomplishments or will you be one of the millions that just looks forward to a new chance in the new year? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and believing that there will be a different outcome. 2018 doesn’t have to be the same old same old. 2018 is your year for breakthrough!

This is your year. Invest in yourself because you deserve the very best. This is the year that all of your dream will come true. This year, with the help of a coach, you will end the year stronger, smarter, and wealthier than when you started. This is your year… the only thing standing between you and your Breakthrough is a decision to embrace what is yours.

Maybe today, you will decide to step into your breakthrough. Today you will take me up on the offer for a free consultation. Today – today is your day to take back your life – to own your dreams and establish your powerful winning goals for this New Year.

I look forward to celebrating your breakthrough all along the way.

Sincerely The Success Coach – Dr. Philip Foster

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