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Why Most Don’t Achieve Greatness…

What I have learned is that anyone can achieve greatness. Yes, I said anyone… 100% of everyone can achieve greatness. While greatness may be different for everyone, we are all still capable of achieving greatness.

The sad reality is that most people won’t and the reason is quite simple – we all have choices to make in life. These choice might be so small that you don’t even notice they are there. For example, how we respond to situations with statements “I had no choice” create excuses for why we didn’t. We hide behind these statements as an excuse for our behaviors and actions. Our choices are NOT out of our control.

So the obvious question is why so many people don’t achieve greatness. It is not that they can’t achieve it – it is that most people don’t eve try at all. Most are happy with others calling the shots in life. When we let others control our life and direction, greatness is not attainable. Most people do not want to carry responsibility for their life. So, instead they build a wall of excuses that eventually imprisons them.

Our default is to blame external factors (like our wall) for our lack of success. So there is your answer, most don’t achieve greatness because of their limiting mindset.

Don’t choose mediocre. Don’t blame others for your lake of greatness. Stop traveling the easy road to mediocre.

If you want to achieve greatness, you need these 5 things.

  1. a decision to change course

  2. a willingness to stay the new course because the journey is hard

  3. stay accountable with the help of a coach or mentor

  4. end limiting beliefs

  5. don’t give up

Once you are determined – NOTHING will stop you.

The Success Coach –

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